June 21, 2023

2023-08-11 | 21:08:22

"Kelé was an amazing teacher. He was patient and encouraging and made the experience so much fun. If you’ve never surfed you could hardly ask for a better teacher."
June 15, 2023

2023-08-11 | 21:08:21

"Our family of 4 got the best instructor in Kauai: Kele! He got us all surfing within about 45 minutes with a fantastic baseline of practice and explanations out of the water, and then custom feedback in the water of what we needed to modify to get us all standing. He provided very constructive feedback that made learning as easy as it could be, and was just such a positive person that it made the experience very fun for our entire age range from 13 to 50!"
May 15, 2023

2023-06-13 | 20:28:06

"This was a dream come true! Just wanted to try it for fun, and had no expectation of being successful! Kele was the BEST instructor. You can tell he loves to surf and what he does. He corrected us individually after each wave and made it possible for us to really learn how to improve. Absolutely wonderful experience that exceeded expectations :) Would highly recommend."
May 11, 2023

2023-08-11 | 21:08:19

"Hoku Water Sports is great. I really enjoyed my experience with them. Kele was my instructor and he made sure that we were having fun. I had an absolute blast. Thanks!"
May 4, 2023

2023-06-13 | 20:28:05