February 18, 2021

2021-03-08 | 17:55:21

"Went out with Greg for a first lesson. He was awesome-- patient, friendly, an excellent coach. I was sorta slow to learn, and he consistently gave feedback and reframed things for me to try to get different results (even though I am extremely uncoordinated/not very good at balancing). After just an hour, I ended up catching a few waves and making it all the way back to shore!"
December 1, 2020

"What an amazing experience! Chris is the real deal - he goes over everything and is super thorough. He missed his calling as a comedian - I laughed for the entire two hours! I only regret I didn’t do it earlier in our trip so I would have had more time for additional surf sessions. A must-do in Kauai!"
December 1, 2020

"Greg and his team of tour guides/instructors are the best company I've ever experienced on Kaua'i. They were extremely friendly, easy to find and excellent at making sure we all had a great time. Their SUP lessons were a great education and my whole family immediately fell in love with surfing in an Outrigger Canoe. If you're looking for some of the best Aloha and want to be treated like you're Ohana, then Hoku Water Sports is 100% the best place on the island! Mahalo for a great experience."
September 5, 2020

"I came here for my first surf lesson. Friendly staff, and good instructor. Thanks to Ziggy's instruction, I was standing on the surfboard and riding waves at the end of the first lesson!"
March 9, 2020

"Highly recommend Greg and his crew for surf/sup rentals and lessons in Poipu - Greg took the time to talk with my 14 year old daughter about all the various wave options in the bay and they figured out which would be best for her to try. Instead of having her sit through yet another lesson (she's had many for years) he encouraged her to rent a board on her own. She was completely safe, went out on her own (with me and lots of others around her) -and it was a highlight of our trip."