September 1, 2022

2022-09-02 | 18:06:37

August 29, 2022

2022-09-02 | 18:06:36

"We had a surprisingly awesome time with instructor Aliki. Didn’t know what to expect from surfing but figured we should try it here in Kauai. So much fun!!!!! aliki was helpful, friendly and patient. Me, my wife and my two kids all got up on the board thanks to his expert teaching and apparently our raw talent :)"
August 26, 2022

2022-09-02 | 18:06:32

"Get experience! The instructor was so helpful and patient with all the students. My daughter really enjoyed getting to surf in Poipu"
August 18, 2022

2022-09-02 | 18:06:31

"Good instructor and great experience for beginners"
August 10, 2022

2022-09-02 | 18:06:29

"I had so much fun! The waves are soft and its easy to try for beginners. The teachers are so nice. Thanks so much for this cool surf lesson!!!"